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Thread: Once a week full vs twice a week half dose

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    Once a week full vs twice a week half dose

    So I have been doing a ton of reading about half life amd the ups and down of the test in your system post injection and between your shots.
    If you recall from my previous post Im on TRT with Test at 200mg a week and 100 Deca.

    My motivation is to avoid the dip at the end of the week.

    Wouldnt logic suggest splitting my injections in half, Saturday AM Tuesday PM rather than once aweek?

    Or even Test on Saturday AM and Deca on Tuesday evening?

    Ive done the math and with half life calculated at every 7 days on average my levels after 4 weeks of sat test and tuesday deca would be a 490 to 514 alteration. A difference of 15 over 3 days

    Where as a once a week hit of both fluxes me as much as 575 to a 390 before the next hit.

    Your thoughts?

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    I always recommend injecting as frequently as possible. Here are some suggestions.

    Ace - ED
    Prop - EOD
    Phenylpropionate - EOD
    Enanthate - Twice a week
    Cyp - Twice a week
    Decanoate - Once or twice a week
    Undecylenate - Once or twice a week

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    Always split doses, and the ones you posted are low cycle doses, not TRT.....what are your supports? Can you post your most recent bloods?

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    Here is my original trt post. All the above as prescribed by my DR

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    I am assuming that those are pre-trt bloods because your FSH/LSH are not at zero...what are your bloods now?

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    Yes and I am only 4 weeks into this . So no new bloods. Ill get them at week 20. But this thread is about single or split dosages. I we want to discuss my prescribed trt lets do it on the other thread?

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    OK, spilt dosages.....there is no other responsible alternative....

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    Copy that. Thx everyone

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    i ALWAYS recommend splitting the doses myself... thats just me , but thats how i do it... i always feel there is more stability there.. some may or may not argue otherwise, but i always stick with that method..

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    Thanks Dylan. Yea the math supports it if infact we are looking to achieve a consistant level in the body. Funny how the DR didnt even think to suggest it.

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