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Thread: cycle help

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    cycle help

    looking for a little cycle help.
    im planning on a bulk cycle using npp, test cyp, eq, and dbol.

    ive had 4 previous cycles my lastest being 400 a week test prop 400 tren ace. with 50mg winstrol at the last 4 weeks. with proper pct.

    stats 33 years old 6'0 200lbs 9% bodyfat. i work out 5-6 days a week

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    When was the last time you had bloods done? What AI and supports will you be using?

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    ill be useing .5 caber every three days and 12.5 aromasin every other day. and ill add in hcg and a proper pct at end of cycle.

    to be honest i have never had bloods done.

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    What dosages are you considering and length of cycle?

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    You need liver support while using the Dbol...

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    im thinking 400mg a week test and npp, and 600mg a week eq. 25mg a day for the first 4 weeks of dbol. length of cycle im not exactly sure because ive read you have to run it for quit a while to get the full benifits.

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    Drop the Dbol, switch out NPP for Deca. Test, Deca, Eq for 16 weeks. Slow steady sustainable gains.
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    you need to do bloodwork before you consider doing any sort of cycle man

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    I would slow things down man. You have only ran 4 cycles, already used tren, and now want to run 5 compounds at the same time. Way too aggressive. You don't want to end up on TRT this fast. I recommend slowing things down and doing 2 compounds together. I also think 1-2 cycles per year is plenty.
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