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    First Cycle


    I have recently subscribed to your YouTube channel, and honestly you have helped a lot giving all that information. Thank you.

    I am 30 years old, 1.70, 17% bodyfat and I have been training for 5 years now.
    2 years ago I have gotten to 11%bf all natural.

    I have been studying for my Bar Exams for 4 months, and I haven’t been training so much as I used before and lost about 6KG.

    I am willing to do my first Testosterone Cycle, and it is my first steroid cycle ever.
    Now I know you are not a doctor and everything you say is only for my entertainment. But I would like to know more for how long can I cycle, and if I can do it for 30 days only incl. PCT. and see results or should I do it for 12 weeks.
    I am a newbie and knows not too much about this.
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    i cannot advise you steroid use with a body fat that high... you need to get down in the 12-13 range for me to advise you to use steroids man... sarms would be a great option for now

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    Too many risks using AAS with your body fat that high. Try running a sarms cutting stack to get it down first. has some top tier sarms and prebuilt stacks.

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