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Thread: Eca stack

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    Eca stack

    Hi Dylan. I have an ECA stack (also containing yohimbine) and I’m not sure how to split the dosing.
    Each tablet contains 30mg of ephedrine, 100mg of aspirin, 105mg of caffeine and 5mg if yohimbine.
    The instructions say to take two to three pills a day - 1 pill before training and another pill half an hour before eating on an empty stomach. Would 60mg if ephidrine, 200mg or aspirin, 210 mg of caffeine and 10mg it yohimbine daily not be too much? If yes then how could I split this dosing or is dosing it once in the am okay?

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    I cement straight from the video to here. Because they’re in capsules I have no way of splitting the dosing. So I’m not sure what to do.
    Would one tablet a day be effective?

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    that should be fine

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