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Thread: DGA Organ ST Log

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    DGA Organ ST Log

    Starting my log today! Bottle, lable, and colors on label look very professional! My first impression is that the label is very detailed. All the ingredients are listed (Not like other products I have used just a basic listing) and bottle was securely sealed. The main reason I wanted to try this is that I always have problems with blood pressure. I have used a well known product before that helped with this problem and we will see if this one helps me out. I am currently on trt 100 mg test cyp and using Aromisan eod 12.5 along side with that. I ran out of the other support product that I was using and have not been using it for about 2 weeks now. Today I am feeling the blood pressure a little bit so I will start today with first dose. Yes, I have been to a doctor about blood pressure and no I do not have chronic blood pressure issues. I am in good health, do plenty of cardio, and go to the gym at least 3 times a week. 5'9 220 43 yrs old 18 to 20% bf. I have been working out on and off since I was 12 and have been serious for 2 years now. Goals: put on as much muscle as I can. Diet is pretty clean considering the kids and work. I will post again tonight after the gym and tell you how I feel.

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    awesome brother!! cant wait to see how things go!!

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    Awesome bro. I'll be following! Just got my Organ ST and I'll be logging as well

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    Day 2

    Feeling pretty good, worked out last night after a week off due to being sick. Felt good to get back in there had an awsome workout! I wanted to wait a day just to see how the DGA Organ ST would affect my blood pressure and I had a bunch of stuff to take care of today. So I didn't have a lot of time today to post. I must say it is doing what it says its doing. No issues what so ever! I feel great and I have been drinking coffee as well. Good job Dylan!! I am going to wait a day or two to post again to get some more get into my system to see the long term affects. Compared to the old stuff I use to take it seemed to work faster. Great stuff!!

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    Following along brother... I’ve been extremely happy from my own personal use.

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    awesome brother! thanks for the great update!

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    Feeling good still!! Blood pressure still good to go!! I have been taking all 7 pills after lunch and it seems to be working well like that. The old organ support I used before I would take 3 in the morning, 3 during lunch, and 3 with dinner. I guess less pills I have to take the better my body will absorb them! I guess!! If anyone has another ways to take them please post. I have noticed that I have more energy since I have been taking the DGA Organ ST. Usually After lunch I need caffeine to keep me going, but now nothing!

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    awesome brother! you just take them all at once with food and your good to go!

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    In to follow but just curious... 100mg of cyp with 12.5 aro EOD? Do you convert like crazy? You and I are very close in stats so I'm interested in how this works for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmmdm2 View Post
    In to follow but just curious... 100mg of cyp with 12.5 aro EOD? Do you convert like crazy? You and I are very close in stats so I'm interested in how this works for you.
    I just look at the bottle and start to get symptoms!!LOL! Did my bloods as well at that rate of Aromisan and my estrodial is 20.5. Some people say thst is low but I feel good where it's at.

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