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    I've had a package held up in customs for 2.5 weeks. I haven't had a package sit there for this long and I know there is still a chance usps is just slack but worse case I'll get a seizure letter. My question is should I switch my P.O. Box to a different one and use a different name or is it actually monitored that closely? anybody been through this before?

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    Customs/shipping is unpredictable right now due to the trade war. Length of time in customs does not mean a seizure. I've been seeing items clear after 2 weeks.

    Do not use a PO box that's a red flag. Get a mailbox with a real street address such as one offered at a UPS store. They will even sign for packages.

    I'm not 100% sure about changing your name. I haven't changed mine and I've had a seizure and I still get my packages at my new address.

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    no way to tell right now but thats quite a long time to be stuck there... give it another week

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    Give it a bit longer bud. If you don't want to deal with customs, order domestic next time.

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