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Thread: Checking IGF levels from HGH Supplementation

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    Checking IGF levels from HGH Supplementation

    Seems to me I have read or seen somewhere where it was noted prior to going in and having blood drawn to check one's IGF levels if you are using HGH that the best 'conditions' was to take a certain IU's of HGH about 30-45 min before the blood draw? I dreaming or on the right track??

    The Doc that I have my script for HGH wanted me to check my IGF, but he didn't mention that.

    Thanks for any feedback!

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    There's a serum and IGF test. Read up on them and figure out which one you want.

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    IGF is a long term affect of HGH, the GH serum test which you're referring to is a short-term.
    The doc would not be testing the legitimacy of your GH by serum test but check your IGF levels to make sure you're blood levels are optimal.

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