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Thread: Beginning to try

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    Beginning to try

    Started to try - GW-501516 - S4 (Andarine MK-2866 (Ostarine 20 ml not at same times but about 2-3 hours before I train - I’m a female I’m overweight 5”2 - 160pnds. I train hard people tell me I have a nice body, but I don’t feel it nor agree. I Have been training for years have trouble seeing results naturally. I’m ready to take it to the next level. When can I expect results?! And any suggestions? Ideas? I have been training hard lately 6 times a week lifting mostly.. any trusted suppliers?
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    why are you asking for trusted suppliers if you already bought something?

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    I'm confused. Do you have what you need already?

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    Same as above are you on sarms now or looking for a place?

    I’d go with esarms over any other product out there.

    As for your weight honestly it’s 85% diet and 15% training. I used to work out for hours a day and thought I was eating the right quantities and types of food but never got the results I wanted. I now workout less and I’m in better shape because my diet is so dialed in.

    If you diet and training are spot on it may make sense to run bloods? I know a few people who have say thyroid issues and no matter what they did training or eating they struggled.

    Just a few ideas keep at it tho!

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    I did buy the product, did some research online. But I wanted to ask people who have experience and can give me a good recommendation. I bought mine from Proven Peptides. So far I can’t really say I’ve noticed any change except for the acne and my pee is a little darker.

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    proven peptides is horrific... you can look on the forum and see so many problems they have had...

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    You won’t find a lot of good feedback here or a couple of other forums on proven peptides. People have been complaining about being completely shut down running their stuff which means they are not giving you sarms but likely oral steroids or pro hormones. They work but unlike sarms you get completely shut down.

    I would just say make sure you have clomid and nolva on hand for pct as if you are shut down badly you will need to run a full pct utilizing at minimum clomid, nolva, and a natural test booster like m1mk

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    I’m not commenting on the source but rather the stack you chose.

    I’m male and about 160lbs. I’ve also used the same stack of Ostarine, S4 and GW and had incredible results with them.

    Eat right, train hard, then double check to make sure your eating right.

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    Agreed with above cardarine, osta, and s4 is your golden standard triple stack. I’ve run it 3 times (stopped s4 just because of the vision sides) and always had awesome results.

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    Thanks for the feedback if anyone has more information about online suppliers that would be great! I appreciate all the information.

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