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Thread: Superdrol PCT

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    Superdrol PCT

    I have a friend who is a bodybuilder recommend superdrol. He had gotten me some dbol before and everything worked out good so I trusted him. I'm on my third week of my superdrol cycle and now just learning about PCT I've done a lot of research but my question is what should I take and how long after my cycle before I start. I planned on taking nolva and some liver supports but if there's anything else I should incorporate let me know

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    Things you should make sure of before starting a cycle:

    Great health (bloodwork, BP)
    Great healthy diet
    Age > 25 (sarms > 21)
    Body fat < 15-20% for dry compounds, <10-15% for wet compounds.

    Things you need in any cycle:

    1) bloodwork before and after
    2) testosterone + whatever else
    3) pct planned and bought before starting a cycle. Depending on if itís dry or wet, you may need an AI or Nolvadex, but clomid is usually a must. Some use HCG in the transition period between cycle end and pct start.

    Things you need with superdrol:
    1) liver support on cycle
    2) bloodwork mid cycle, especially if itís your first time.
    3) shorter cycles than most

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    Thanks for the advice bro !

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    Superdrol PCT

    Dry means no estrogen bloat. Tren and superdrol are dry. Dbol and anadrol are wet. Dry compounds tend to be more liver and kidney toxic than wet compounds, and orals more toxic than injectables.

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    If your friend is a bodybuilder, he should know what a pct is and how to run it.

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