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Thread: Sr-9009

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    Are there any iSARMS approved sources of SR-9009? Searches aren't yielding much.

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    My search also yielded no approved sources for SR 9009. Hope someone can respond and let us know where to get the real stuff - as I'm ready to purchase.

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    Right now if I were you I would just use an alternative. When Global Anabolics and Platinum Biotech went to make SR9009 they could not find legitimate quality raws. Pharma Lady has plenty of other SARMS to choose from that are 100% quality.

    Email me for a price list...

    [email protected]
    Message me on Wickr private messenger for consultations and PED sources.


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    What are your goals with sr9009?

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    Is SR9009 similar to GW501516? OP, if so that might be the way to go. Rick and cbb can steer you in the right direction

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    I was using SR9009 from, which for me was a very trusted site over the years. Everything I had used from them was legit. But unfortunately, they recently shut down.

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    Following this thread. I currently have been stacking Ostarine and Cardarine and would like to add SR9009 to the stack...

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