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Thread: Domestic source suggestions

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    Domestic source suggestions

    So it looks like my international run is gonna have to come to an end. I’m all out of addresses to use so I just can’t chance placing another order overseas. Can you guys recommend me the most reliable easiest to use domestic source? Thanks in advance. I’ve always used pharmacom and they have always been wonderful and simple to use I’m just on my last available address so I’m so hesitant to place another order as I’ll be screwed if it gets seized again.

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    Check my Robolics thread and contact me for price list......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddhabuilder View Post
    Check my Robolics thread and contact me for price list......
    Thanks. Sent you a PM

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    You can also send cbbram a pm, he reps domestic as well.

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    PM me bro I'll get you hooked up.

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    I feel customs have stepped up there screening. Package hasn't moved since the 13th .

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    guys we are domestic and we pride ourselves on quality. please PM me for a list thanks

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    robolics is a really good domestic source, you can hit me up for their contact info.

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    Thanks everyone for the input. I’m sending all the PM’s and look forward to hearing back

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    my last two international orders didnt make it. I stick domestic now only, Robolics all the way

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