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    Anyone have Botox ??? Wife looking for some, are other source dried up thanks in advance RICK ROCK nice to see your still here bro !!
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    Horse med care website

    Anyone one here placed an order with these guys??? Horse med care The old racehorsemeds got shut down... BASTERDS THANKS
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    Collagen supplements

    Anyone know who got injectable Collagen peptide ??? Got diagnosed with psoriasis RA and it suppose to slow the effects and help joints Asking for a friend ....LOL Thanks
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    psoriasis Arthritis help

    Dylan Thanks bro ... I?m on TRT so I?m assuming no PCT ??? Would pharm brand hgh be more effective them mk677??? I was on HGH 2 IU?s a day until about 3 weeks ago and that?s when the inflammation started to flare up and get really bad... not sure if coincidence or it was helping?? Used GW in...
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    psoriasis Arthritis help

    Hey guys ... after about year of my joints aching and slowing getting worse and severe pain in hands wrist elbow and hips all felt like I?m an old man. (Only 47yrs old). Last 2 month has gotten so bad my work out are painful but I push thru them. I got diagnosed with psoriasis arthritis and...
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    Test/Deca/EQ For my next cycle?

    Make sure you donate blood with your eq cycle !!!!
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    Help deca

    post your stats bro !!!
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    Iwgf hgh source!!!

    NON AT ALL!!!!... I do take dandelion root 2 time day...
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    Iwgf hgh source!!!

    4 IUS a night
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    Iwgf hgh source!!!

    Stuff is top NOTCH HGH !!! no question abut it .... THANKS BRO for great product and awesome service as always !!!!
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    Iwgf hgh source!!!

    Just got my order of HGH from IWGF as alway superb service with fast delivery.. already gone thru one box of this from last order and it worked great. The HGH is PHARM somatropin freeze dried and comes with BAC WATER ready to be mixed. If you are looking for the best quality HGH around and...
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    Red welts from hgh

    Let me know if it helps PIN IM
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    Red welts from hgh

    Only time I’ve seen that is bad HGH.... what brand is it ?
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    Breast cancer and hgh use???

    The spot the biopsied was like the size of a few grains of sand ... some I guess never even turns into cancer at all ... I can only imagine what a doctor uneducated on HGH use would say ????