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    Biotech Labs🔅cbbram Reviews!

    cbbram is the MAN!! 😁👍 I've dealt with with other sources here, but none are easier or as helpful AND as fast as cbbram! Super friendly and helpful makes it a joy to do business with 😁 definitely my go to from now on!!!
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    Pharmalady March Specials

    Feb and march specials were great I doubled up for February cant beat the hgh prices anywhere so I stocked up on that then placed a following order that I had a little hiccup on but was worked out and is being reshipped soon ...been ordering from pharmalady for 5+ years now and always pleased...
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    HGH Timing

    I actually started out with am injections but it made it difficult had to wake then do my injection then wait to eat which by that time I'm at work or into other things and starving and then finally squeeze in a meal at some point ....ultimately I ended up switching to pm it's much easier eat ur...
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    How to correctly inject 2iu of hgh?

    Ok I have gotten my hgh and ordered diabetic 50unit syringes from reading and well looking at the 50 unit pin i assumed every mark was a unit so I draw to the 2nd line (looks like barely anything) and inject i figure 2iu a day out of a 10iu vial should be 5 days each vial I'm past 5 days and...
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    First run of hgh...need advice

    Ok cool I read dry in freezer mixed in fridge but then read that even freezing dry ruins it ?? Already had mine in there for 10 hours by then but moved it back to fridge am I ok or did I ruin it never ran HGH and reading 2 diff things has me worried I may have ruined 3 kits of hgh
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    First run of hgh...need advice

    I got my hgh in but I read last night that keeping the dried form in the freezer kills it ?? Put mine in for about 10 hours until I read that and swapped back to fridge with the solution....what is the suggested storage and popular opinion for hgh storage to maintain potency??
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    PharmaLady LIGHTNING SPEED Shipping >.<

    Just got mine today too! Super fast indeed and very well packaged and super stealthy mine came in days ! Pharma lady for the win ! She really came though for me on this one ! So happy I'm ordering again ! Lol
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    Pharma Lady International, Steroids - HGH - Peptides

    Got my order today from pharma lady went with the fastest option and it was a matter of days that I got it and all was stealth packaged and super well I may add makes it fun to open up honestly I've done the cheapest option b4 but lost one to a seizure and would wait weeks this option had it to...
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    Pharmalady TOUCHDOWN!!

    Got my order today went with the fastest option and it was WORTH IT ! GOT IT FAST! we talking like 3 or 4 days from actual day if shipment u cannot beat that ! I did have a few worries when I checked the status and it came up as "shipment on hold" but later discovered that is jst what they mark...
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    First run of hgh...need advice

    Will do ! Thanks man I try I always do that even running gear I researched every compound even ones I wouldn't be running to obtain all the knowledge I needed to bounce off people and to come up with my own conclusions to test out as well ....I look forward to this run ordered it 2 days ago and...
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    First run of hgh...need advice

    Well I wrote a whole reply went back to edit and fix a typo and lost the whole thing ! Lol so here we go again...Haha So this is what I got so far and wanna be sure all details are correct being first run and all .... 29g 1/2 inch insulin pin for injections into a squeezed chunk of skin/fat in...
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    First run of hgh...need advice

    Ok I do have a few questions already placed the order with pharmalady for a half years about 2 days ago just waiting on tracking went with fastest option but I got detailed questuons...
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    First run of hgh...need advice

    Will also add I will go to the lengths of going to lab Corp for blood work since I'm not insured and pay 255 I think it is for a full cancer screening....just a precaution due to the fact it said that as it promotes our growth it would in any kind of cancer one may have and not know so ...I...
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    First run of hgh...need advice

    Then that's where I'll start (2 iu) and stay moving up to no higher then 3ius I assume 1 iu am 1 iu afternoon/evening time (most likely after work and before gym) and then let my own do its work nightly would be perfect initially ??
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    First run of hgh...need advice

    Sounds great I can't wait for my results and 3 sounds reasonable but I figure I'll start at 2 iu a day and maybe later go to 3 or 4 max never more then that for sure I don't wanna fall into more of the bad running it then the benefits of it so with what u just said I probably won't even try to...