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    Blood work help and low T

    Helping a very good Friend of mine with low T His 29 years old never used anabolics and suffering from low T and has to wait 3 months to see an endocrinologist his weight is 150 kg he was 120kg before his height is 1.83 T-Testosterone Results are 7.6 Reference is 9.90 - 27.8 nmol/L Free...
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    Eddie - Strongman

    here is a link to watch it bro
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    Dylan gemelli thank you so much!!

    Will do brother!!! big hugs!!
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    Dylan gemelli thank you so much!!

    Thank you brothers for all the support much appreciated!! im doing alot better now.
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    Dylan gemelli thank you so much!!

    I have been suffering with anxiety and depression from to much pre workout i was put on anti depression pills and thay made me feel like shit so i took them for a while but then the side effects got to much for me so i droped the dose and came off and when i came off i was feeling better but not...
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    Apps for Calories/Macros Tracking

    This is for android i found a cracked version that works with all the premium benefits go to this link in your phone download and install it
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    What do powerlifters and strongman use

    Thanks to everyone for their interest and imput. Much appreciated.
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    What do powerlifters and strongman use

    I am interested to know what combination of gear strongmen and power lifters use because their body fat is much higher than that of bodybuilders when you shouldn't run gear with an elevated body fat. So what are these power lifters and strongman doing? don't they suffer with more side effects...
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    Anxiety for no reason, anything I can test for?

    I have allso been suffering with serotonin deficiency bad mood swings aggressive short temper food cravings went to the doctor he put me on serdep 50 it has worked but i feel like absolute dog shit he told me to start it at 25mg for a few days then up it to 50mg but i had to drop it back to 25mg...
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    15 years old using gear

    I see so many of them in my gym and unfortunately not all of them will listen to you but i try my best
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    15 years old using gear

    This is shocking to see what kids are doing to themselves
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    Happy Fucking Holidays from The 44

    Happy holiday bro but fuck you a beast!!! keep up those gains!!!
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    Impossible steroid questions and how to ask them: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Thanks bro for another great video keep it up champ!!!!
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    Hey Dylan!*food porn warning*

    That looks so good!! dont forget to finish that off with some Ben & Jerry's.
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    Awesome article on leucine...

    Thanks for sharing bro great read!