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    Best source for tren and test

    I'd like a PM or 3 on this as well, looking for recommendations if anyone has any to offer.
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    Pharma Lady International, Steroids - HGH - Peptides

    Are you still sending out lists? I've not gotten a response from either email address.
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    Prolactin protocol

    Would a serm like tamoxifen help at all with prolactin symptoms?
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    What AAS are you running right now??

    Test e Tren ace to jump start Tren e Proviron
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    Tren ace to tren eth

    Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Tren ace to tren eth

    No current (goal) so to speak. Just to better myself, i was actually concerned with running the ace to the eth. Didn't want to end up rinning tren at 600 a week or 2 and blow away my ancillaries. Any recommendations on how to incorporate the 75mg ace with the 150 eth and basically bridge them...
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    Tren ace to tren eth

    42, 5 11, 200lbs, lifting for 20+ years, maybe 6 previous cycles, bf is a guestimate at 12-14. Current cycle is 300 test e ew Tren e 150 twice a week Proviron at 50mg ed 12.5 aromasin eod Cabaser at .5 twice a week This is a blast as im on trt so no pct.
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    Tren ace to tren eth

    Ive got a leftover vial of tren ace and wanna incorporate it in my current cycle. Sound good to start on the ace at 75mg eod AND start the tren eth at 150mg 2 times a week? Guess the ace would be like a kick start until the longer ester kicks in. Is my thought process sound?
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    trenbolone for 17 year old

    Nope, didn't even read your post. Get some years under your belt and do not start out on a harsh compound like tren.
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    Why am I Lactating brown liquid

    Cabaser is .5 mg e3d
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    Clean pizza recipe

    I actually love the cauliflower crust the wife makes for her low carb thing. Doctor it up with enough stuff and its awesome. She uses garlic and onion powder and mixes parmigiano with it too before baking the crusts, big difference.
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    advice on finishing current cycle

    No offense to big business, didn't see until after that you are a senior member also, just looking for more input.
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    advice on finishing current cycle

    Was just concerned about the plateau after 10 weeks, seems that adding compounds addresses that. Deca should run for 12-16 for best results from what I've read. Would love for some senior members to chime in and advise.
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    advice on finishing current cycle

    Im on trt so no pct required. This is a first run of deca and had hoped it would help with appetite but hasn't really had any affect. Just know that I couldn't eat for shit on tren.