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    GW50156 while breastfeeding

    Co-worker wants to jump back in the gym & lose a lot of the pregnancy weight. However, assuming taking GW while breastfeeding might not be the smartest idea… Couldn’t find any real studies on effects of GW on breastfeeding mothers or their baby… I was pushing conservative approach, telling her...
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    PCT Test E

    Awesome thanks guys!
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    PCT Test E

    Great thanks! Do you run N2Generate as test booster?
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    PCT Test E

    Yes and I very much appreciate it. However I was specifically referring to whens the best time to start PCT from a Test Cycle. This is due to the idea that starting something like Nolva/Clomid the day after your last pin is basically a waste. Some guys say 1 week others say 2 weeks so just...
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    PCT Test E

    Couple questions: Thoughts on best time to start Clomid/Nolva after 12 week TEST E cycle? One week after last pin? Is Aromasin necessary in conjunction with Nolva/Clomid? Again just wondering. Can m1-mk be used in place of N2Generate as a test booster? Appreciated as always
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    Where to purchase Raloxifene

    Appreciate it, will post similar style questions here going forward..... Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Where to purchase Raloxifene

    Anyone know a reputable site where I can by raloxifene? I now DS has it but not lookin to spend $250 minimum right now... Also if anyone has an idea of the best way to use as a way to treat mild-moderate Gyno is appreciate as well. Thanks!
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    Domestic Supply BALKAN Test, Primo and Anavar Log...

    Damn those shoulder inserts are next level!
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    HUGE 4th of July Sale!!! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

    Couldn?t not take advantage of buy 5 get 2....
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    Turning Purple (formally was the same way...
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    Dylan youtube videos

    Sorry to hear about the vids Dylan... YouTube is a fuckin joke with it?s censoring... Thanks for the new link to watch them!
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    How to dose Mk 2866 50 mg?

    Thanks everyone much appreciated! Hah I figured there was an issue with my messaging... Will take care of that...
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    How to dose Mk 2866 50 mg?

    I was referring to whether or not you?d slowly increase the starting dose of 25mg to 50mg or just jump right into it. But ok understood appreciate the input gents.
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    How to dose Mk 2866 50 mg?

    Hey fellow scholars... Wondering whats the best way to dose MK 2866 up to 50 mg? Treat it like S4 and slowly increase by 10 mg every 10-14 days? Dylan's video on it seems to have been taken down from YouTube and I couldn't find any additional information in the forum. Appreciate the help.
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