GW50156 while breastfeeding


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Co-worker wants to jump back in the gym & lose a lot of the pregnancy weight. However, assuming taking GW while breastfeeding might not be the smartest idea… Couldn’t find any real studies on effects of GW on breastfeeding mothers or their baby… I was pushing conservative approach, telling her she should wait but was hoping some of the experts her had more info on the matter. Appreciated any info!
Seriously? No disrespect, but do you really need to ask this?

Tell your "friend" to be patient with herself. Takes a bit for the hormones to rebalance after pregnancy. Focus on getting high nutrient foods for the baby.... ask her if she is really willing to risk administering a research chemical to her infant?
i think it should be rather obvious that when breast feeding that one would not want to do ANYTHING whatsoever aside from what the doctor has told them to do... i cant believe this is even being considered and clearly there wouldnt be any studies on this... when breastfeeding is done, then by all means go for it, but during? fuck no, dont do ANYTHING that could have any possible potential negative effect on your child period
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