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    Good to hear the pumps went away man. Right on I know some guys love their Tren and I am not one of them ha I did live T-Bol tho
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    Quick question about psot IM injection

    Are you new to injecting? To be honest man your gonna get bad injections from time to time especially in the quads which hands down is the absolute worst place to do injections and has the most complications. How much oil are you injecting? And what size needle are your using ? When injecting a...
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    Drop the Tren and deadlifting is my advice lol I know I used to get sever pumps on Anavar back when I used to cycle.
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    Yup I was super hesitant to inject in my chest but it is honestly one of my favorite places to inject during a cycle for regular TRT the shoulders are juts fine but the chest is a great spot for people on cycle and trying spread out the oils. I usually do a half ml in each pec but I could easily...
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    Finastride or Minoxidil?

    Update so my hair has made a huge significant recovery since stopping the NPP and the start of new supplementation. my barber has even told me it’s a huge difference from when I first noticed the issue. i purchased Rogaine but never used it. I started taking biotin, pycnogenol, fish oil...
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    Crazy gyno flare up all input welcomed

    Ya man I agree that blood work is key in really defining exactly what you need to do but reading your first post I was like yup it’s prolactin Iv dealt with the same thing in the Pat while running Deca. Caber or vitamin B6 will do you well to keep on hand and use from now on when running Deca...
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    Frank Mcgrath 1 kidney on dialysis, steroid cycle

    Dang to know you have only one kidney and still be using gear is insane to me and he early isn’t juts using a TRT dose lol. The dude looks great tho but at the me what’s it worth?
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    Test E question - !

    How many times have to pinned if you just pinned once then there no big rush to do a PCT. I have heard of people not being able to tolerate certain oils you could be having a reaction. I would def switch brands but if your saying that’s not an option then I guess stop everything.
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    Labs and advice for E2

    100mg of test gets you to over 900 test level that’s awesome man. Your estrogen is a little high and without blood work it’s impossible to tell how much AI you need you may only need to us aromosin once a week def don’t want to over do it on an AI. If your really want to be accurate get blood work.
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    DVT and PE Blood Clots while on TRT

    So ya absolutely talk to your doctor about that. It def sux you had to go through that. I had issues with my blood thickening on cycle even a TRT dose of test so I started taking something called NattoSerra from doctors choice I highly recommend everyone take it. It attacks all biological matter...
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    Anyone ever get pvcs from orals like anavar?

    Ya dude I did the being big thing for awhile but now that I’m older and having all these issues I realized it’s time to dial it back a little and of that means cutting out orals and all other steroids then that’s just what I gotta do I’m in my 30s now which isn’t old but I’m also not in my 20s...
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    Anyone ever get pvcs from orals like anavar?

    I have heart issues on all cycles as in palpitations but def on orals and they destroy my kidney functions and even at super low dose. My body just simply can’t handle orals anymore and honestly I’m pretty much restricted to Test only cycles now. Even while taking Dandelion root and geeen juice...
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    check out Louie Simmons death cycle

    Wow I couldn’t even imagine running a cycle like that even in my early days of being young and careless
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    Anyone ever get pvcs from orals like anavar?

    Yes I am curious what exactly you mean by celiac sides? What are you experiencing in terms of sides? I can’t do orals anymore and I absolutely loved Anavar when my body allowed me to run it.
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    EQ 12 Weeks..

    Ya man 12 weeks is plenty for the most part running most injectable’s 12 weeks is either done or at the minimum.