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  • Hey RackCity. Question. Started doing research, so far so good. however, I want to gain. In order to gain I need to eat. but I also want a definite 6-8 pack. im starting with a 2 pack and a natural distended stomach. so should i eat 3 thousand cals while researching sarms? or since im trying to lose this pesky bf should i just stick to normal eating habbits?? thanks for the help.
    I did a 8 week 50mg Anavar cycle from eagle anabolics and didn't see much change tbh. Im low in body fat as it is but I didn't see much. Kind of disappointing. My buyer had complete trust in that lab. Can You give me your supplier? I want a legit source even if it's Balkan pharma as you suggested. I just need someone legit. Spent a grand on that shit. Thanks for your response I appreciate it
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