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    Dosage dependent on how muscular you are..?

    I believe this is true but can someone confirm with more knowledge to put it in simple terms - a person with more lean muscle should be dosing more than a person with less lean muscle ? i.e. LGD recommended dose is 10mg. its probably a good idea for a 150lb person to take half this dose...
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    First cycle PCT

    in for gainz stats... hopefully
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    Sarms steroids aiding in facial hair growth

    minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine without the expensive price. A 6 month supply for like 20-30 dollars.
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    Sarms steroids aiding in facial hair growth

    minoxidil. Rub in the morning and at night on the bread area you want to grow. I can attest to this as I've been doing this to thicken the hair and connect my mustache to my beard.
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    Tendon Pain

    thanks for the responses Yeah I've been reading online and they all say it takes time to heal. Full repair can take 3 to 9 months according to some sites because of how little vascularity there is in tendons. Dam Light exercises are key to healing rather than leaving it alone I've read. I...
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    am i prone to Male Pattern Baldness ?

    I am prone to MPB and I take finesteride 1mg everyday along with minoxidil in the morning and at night everyday. I also use nizoral shampoo every other time I shower and my hair has thanked me for it. Used to have very weak and thin hair and now it has thickened quite impressively. Never thought...
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    Tendon Pain

    Hello all I may have tendonosis or tendonitis on the tendon that attaches from the lateral head of the tricep to the elbow. Anyone healed from this that can offer some insight?
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    What's everyone's workout split?

    I dont do conventional system where body parts are assigned a day of the week. I wake up and asses how sore I am, if I have enough motion for my next work out body part I train. If not, I take the day off. easy.
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    EBAY Ostarine - Hardcore Formulations - Legit?

    quick question on this setup, why is there SARMS included in the PCT? is it for more gains? I though you should give SARMS at least a 4 week break so you can do another cycle of SARMS after the PCT..
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    EBAY Ostarine - Hardcore Formulations - Legit?

    That explains the hair loss i was experiencing smh. It most likely was a PH then. Started PCT today so I should be good. Thanks guys : ) As for PCT, I was going to do Nolva and clomid but researched Raloxifene and Exemestane and thought i would give them a try. So I bought them.
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    SARMS for obseity

    thats crazy at 260lbs and not losing weight at 1500 calories. how is that possible??
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    EBAY Ostarine - Hardcore Formulations - Legit?

    ok starting pct tomorrow. Thanks
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    EBAY Ostarine - Hardcore Formulations - Legit?

    OK thanks guys! I appreciate all the responses. Now I know these guys suck and will never purchase from them again. SMH lol. Do you guys think I need a PCT then? Ive been using it for 5 weeks now. Up 7lbs, but a lot of it might be fat bc I've noticed more, and newbie gains.
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    EBAY Ostarine - Hardcore Formulations - Legit?

    Damm. All of you seem to be on the same page. just curious, what makes this brand not valid? I got me legit sarms now though so I'm golden.