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    Caber Issues

    After a solid 9hrs. He went to doc. We figured out the cause, finally all is well. Thanks bro!
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    Caber Issues

    Not currently my issue but a buddy on NPP & Prop cycle took a whole caber. .25 last night before bed. He woke up at 1:30 with a pretty solid erection that as of 9am still hasn’t gone away. He’s tried relieving it to no avail, lol. Any idea or suggestions, I’ve never had this issue with Caber...
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    Offseason Pinnacle/Axiom 1-Stop Domestic Shop!

    Nice! You’re definitely looking good bro! Thanks for the advice!
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    Offseason Pinnacle/Axiom 1-Stop Domestic Shop!

    You a fan of Pinnacle Lexi?
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    NPP Injection Frequency

    EOD for me
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    Offseason Pinnacle/Axiom 1-Stop Domestic Shop!

    Let’s go Big Lexi!!
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    My offseason with Axio/PeakPerformance IWGF

    Let’s go brother!! Get money! Looking good Big Lexi
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    Axio/EU pharmaceutical

    Top quality gear & the best customer service around bar none!
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    Injections leaking past couple times

    I typically get some leakage when I pin delts. None when I pin glutes or VG’s. As others said leave pin in for a good 30 seconds or more after pushing all the oil.
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    A reminder: We have tablet orals too

    All of the Axio products I’ve used are top fkn notch! T-Bol, Anavar, Proviron, Cialis, Viagra, Cyp, Test E & Primo. Got a buddy the XTR5HUNDRED blend and he’s loving it. Keep up the good work fellas.
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    Sibutraplex Fat Burner ReBranded

    Going to order some more soon for the wife!
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    Dylan Gemelli EU/Axio Fall and Winter Shredding Log..

    Hey DG, what’s your volume like on training days being that you’re hitting everything twice a week? You going heavy one chest, back & tri day and then lighter the next? Thanks in advance. I see the work you’ve put into those calves!
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    Tbol dosing

    I’m with Rick, I dose tbol once a day.
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    VICON Test P/NPP Log

    Thanks brotha!!
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    VICON Test P/NPP Log

    Update, been sick af last 4 days. Still hit the gym when the cold was first hitting me, even starting to get sick I felt great. Sick pump, strength way up. The last two days I didn’t train though, it was all I could do to go to work. Feeling a little better today so I may hit the gym up...