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  • Đối tượng thơ tình kế toán có thể phiếu chi tiền mặt theo học phiếu xuất kho tt 133 kế toán làm dịch vụ bảo hiểm xã hội tổng hợp công việc kế toán thuế thực hành tốt nhất?
    First time SARM or any other type supp
    I would like to ask what you think of running, RAD 140, MK677 and LGD 4033 as a stack for a first time user of this type of product.
    I'm a 52 year old male who over the last year has started training, and lost most my body fat going from size 34 done to size 30 waist. I've done this by hitting heavy bag rounds of 5 mins x 5 rounds with 20 push ups and 15 pull ups between each round, then after that 4,8,12,16,16,12,8,4 push-up, bicycle plank,followed by burpie's, done at one time so all 4 times then progress to all 8 times etc every other-day and weights session on the other days.
    Should I maintain this to add say 3/4 kg of lean muscle or do I need to look at adding some other form of training.
    And lastly what can I expect from result wise from using the stack, sorry long question I know.

    Regards Oldmanchill
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