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    Thank you bro is a 50 50 25 25 dose good?
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    Hey guys, I am coming off of a Rad and GW cycle, I need some clomid and was wondering the best source for it. My old source is gone so I am looking for a new one.
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    Rad 140 GW PCT

    Hey guys what is the best PCT for my Rad and GW Cycle?
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    Rad140 Dosing

    I am sure this has been asked a million times, i believe it is 20mg a day?
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    Anyone tried Rad-140 yet? Reviews please!!

    Hey man if you dont mind would you keep me updated?
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    Anyone tried Rad-140 yet? Reviews please!!

    Hey guys thinking about starting a cycle of Rad-140. I am a little skeptical since it is a new product, however if anyone on here has tried it and liked the outcome and had no side effects, I would give it a shot.
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    HUGE Flash Sale from Pure Essence!! Also SPECIAL BUNDLE Sale!! 40% OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Dylan is the 40% off sale over? I just tried to place my order and it said the coupon expired and it has not been 2 days. Let me know as soon you find out please.
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