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    Domestic Supply Shipping

    Thanks Dylan for the reply !!! Not having to sign is perfect Girlfriend can pick it up if I’m not home … Thanks everyone for the reply’s !!
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    Domestic Supply Shipping

    Ok so no signing for domestic shipping inside the US .. I know this isn’t the most important question, but just hate to spend $500 dollars and have my package sent back because I didn’t ask questions!!
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    Domestic Supply Shipping

    On Domestic Supply’s shipping , do you have to sign for the package or is that just an option ? I’m not worried about it being stolen if left on my steps or in mailbox , i can have the girlfriend pick it up if at work …If I do have to sign I’ll have to work it around my work schedule, sometimes...
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    Rick can I get Biotech price list

    Rick can I get Biotech price list
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    Dylan can I get that 20% esarm coupon please .

    Dylan can I get that 20% esarm coupon please .
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    Trt and effect of some sarms?

    I have been on TRT for 5 years and have ran GW50151 twice before and I'm currently running it for a third time, I'm 1 week in. I have never had or noticed any issue. I get my blood work done ever 3 months, zero issues... Im about to start S4 next week.
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    Advice with MK 2866 (Ostarine

    Ahhhh the “ your test is in range answer” I’m 38 been on TRT since I was 34 .. Went to my normal Doc , we did blood work and got the same answer that you got ... Doc wouldn’t do anything for me ..Your GP doc is not the place to look for help in this situation, go see an Endocrinologist they...
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    Pre workout

    @olderbro I just got done with jym preworkout wasn’t to bad at all but probably the worst tasting pre workout I have ever had but it is what it is .. Mighty have to try the Ronnie Coleman line Rickrock mentioned...
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    Sarm Strength

    I can deal with that Rickrock !! Thanks man !! I’m going to run it !!!
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    Sarm Strength

    Ok the better question is , can you see and it’s fuzz for a min or so when you go from light to dark ? Is like when you shut the lights off in a room and it takes a couple seconds for ur eyes to adjust to the dark ??? I want to run it .. S4 is 100% what I’m looking for ... S4 ran with Gw is the...
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    Optimal GW dosage

    I’m running 20mg right now and 110% love it !! It’s not expensive at all ... to run a 12 week cycle !!!
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    Sarm Strength

    I read that Rad-140 raise your test .. Glad to know it doesn’t.. To much bullshit out there from people that don’t understand what they’re talking about .. You and DG are the two sources I trust ... Thanks for setting the record straight for me ..going to run GW and SR 9009 with either the LGD...
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    Sarm Strength

    Currently running GW and 110% love it !!! Really interested in andarine (S4) but the Night Vision issue worries me ... I work shift work and they require me to see at night lol ... I watched DG videos on dosing to combat the vision side effects but still a little worried .I wouldn’t care if I...