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    Shout out to Buddhabuilder

    Hey all, been a minute. I stop in from time to time to see what?s happening. I can?t say enough good about Dylan and the men who take the time and care into these forums. I needed to mention a person who from the beginning of introduction has displayed an absolute golden caliber of service...
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    My experiences with winstrol: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Dylan my man! Over the many years I?ve seen the truth in your words and I remember once you got totally jacked and you shared some pics and we all thought you was on some crazy doses of tren or deca hahaha but your combination of training, mental focus, science backing up your approach, and...
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    Buddha in the mix - 1-Stop Domestic Shop

    Thank you Buddha. You?re a good man. Thank you for the kind thoughts and the ever awesome support. Best wishes to you as well.
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    It’s time! I’m back and glad to be back !!

    It’s really an honor to be here... and to see you’re still continuing your work and still contributing positively to the fitness arena. Thanks Dylan much appreciated bro.
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    It’s time! I’m back and glad to be back !!

    Brothas, sisters, chicken eating monsters , die hard dieters, and all you wanna-be’s it’s been a long long while!!! It’s good to be back and amongst many of you, now only few of you, that I remember from what is being thought of more as my Golden days!! Lol A lot has transpired along my journey...
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    Does Dylan Gemelli even lift?? Open to find out...

    Dylan, my do you do it ... I take a break come back and you look even better!! I want to compliment you not only on the matchless physique but the unparalleled friendship and help you’ve given me and many others over the years. It’s been a while but you never cease to amaze me. Don’t...
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    First Cycle Questions

    Hey man, all this is wrong... take some real world advice and not to rain on your dreams BUT before you start messin with hormones really contemplate how one gets the most out of a cycle and how you can do it safely. Don’t come on here asking stupid questions with what sounds like you have zero...
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    The benefits of using Proviron with Tren: By Vision at P.S.L.

    I have to say that was definitely a good read. In the past I have always used proviron with good results. I definitely recommend it.
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    Steroid Advice

    If you have your heart set on steroids then exactly what Dylan laid out is what I would do. Looking at your stats bro doesn’t really convince me you have a solid foundation yet. If I was you I would, even at 33, bring that diet in check, get my body in my best shape, lower that BF % and then...
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    Getting off blast and cruise

    Let me make a point here ok. We not discussing use of Skittles candy or muscle milk ok. I don't see the bashing at all and a kick in the ass is ok. What's wrong with our young people today can't take criticism and a little ass kicking... All that so called bashing should not decrease ones self...
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    powerlifting steroids or sarms

    Oh boy, from a former powerlifter to you ...get to work bro! Get on a team, diet, get a good coach, develop, learn all you can. Way too young to be contemplating aas...but not too young to be stupid. So listen and make better choices than some. Best wishes
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    A hilarious new Dylan Gemelli Outtake: Testosterone and Penis Size... LOLLL

    Lol...ok who's gottem before cycle and after cycle dick pics ...i know some of you sick fuckers gottem...haha
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    Anytime brother.
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    I'm just going to support what the guys are saying here as far as supplementation...oh gosh I think it's been 4 or 5 years ago prepping for a lift pull meet Dylan pointed me down the road of taurine while on cycle and it did wonders for my lifts. I have to admit I was taking it pre and after...
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    Hey guys, I'll give you my two cents on this. No matter the exercise it's my opinion that contraction and stretch is what you are looking for to enable maximum stimulation. Some exercises are more comfortable than others. Some movements for one reason or another target your concerned muscle...