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    Short ester vs long ester

    There's multiple ways to answer that question. Can you be a little more specific?
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    Bulk Cycle

    Can you elaborate on "during your workout years?" You have to be more specific on the juice that you have. What you posted doesn't tell anybody anything. You have to tell us how your drugs are dosed. What is your age and body fat? And please don't ask anyone to design a cycle for you. Propose...
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    What was your dosing schedule? You ran various amounts between 125 and 500 a week? When in 2017 did you start doing this and when did you stop?
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    cycle of test, masteron, EQ, and anavar for 5 weeks

    If you're a beginner then there's no way in hell you should be running four kinds of juice and considering adding a fifth. Not to mention you thinking about adding deca 4 completely wrong reasons. You're running Mast and you're asking if you should run Deca in order to retain water. What...
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    Cycle advise please

    That's a lot of juice. Personally I would lower the test and pick one oral or the other. Why are you cruising?
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    Cycle advise please

    You can minimize your water gain with diet and AI. I'm not quite a big fan of sust for only 8 weeks. Are you planning on running the t-bol for the whole 8 weeks?
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    stack recomendation and source

    If you can't see your abs then you're not 10% body fat
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    test e / anavar / ostarine

    Can't tell you what we think if they tell us your goals
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    Losing my shit on halo

    Is anyone else getting angry over nothing? Yea, everyone who uses Halo. Did you not do research on the compound before you started taking it?
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    Considering a cycle

    Give it time. You're too young and you haven't been training long enough for steroids.
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    Oral steroids

    None. Like the videos say.
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    steroids cycles and acne

    6 cycles @ 24??? Dude, slowww down.
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    Bump above. See a doctor.
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    Seeking information

    So you already had the surgery scheduled and you started a cycle anyway?
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    Cycle check

    Agreed on lowering the test & no need to frontload the eq. 700 mg of test a week is not taking it easy.