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    Pharmalady Gear = NO JOKE

    Pharmlady has always had the best product on this board. All I've taken for the past 15 years is Test and Eq combo from her and it was always well dosed and qaulity. Never got PIP or worried about it not being the mg per ml it says it was. The stuff now days is so cut and deluded. Then the PIP...
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    Pharmalady Gear = NO JOKE

    Thank you
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    I have Biotech. It's one of the 3 I'm speaking of.
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    Pharmalady Gear = NO JOKE

    Any word on when she'll be back up and running? In would like her product again. Been to much bunk on the board. Never had issues with hers and it was always well dosed.
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    What size of pin you guys using on your chest? That just freaks me out thinking about is. I would think i was about to stab my
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    Quick question about psot IM injection

    I've been using 23s for years. 22s are too big I would agree.
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    Test Cypionate Burn

    There's always a smartass that has to put his 2 (worthless) cents in. People come to these threads to ask questions and get help. "Man Up" Really? Com'on. If you can't provide helpful advice, then don't say a damn thing. These forums are for advice and knowledge from the experienced guys, so the...
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    Testosterone Enanthate PIP

    I've had the same issues from 3 different sources on this board. I don't know what is being put in these bottles these days, but I can't seem to find a source that the shit doesn't leave knots and hurt. I've been pinning for 20+ years and never had the issues I'm having now. If anyone can...
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    I used Pharmalady for years until she stopped. Had the best products out there. NEVER got PIP with her products. I've used 3 other sources on this board and get terrible PIP and I don't believe their quality is as good either. They don't seem to have the potency either.
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    Hello OS, Do you happen to know what type of cutting oil that OSG uses for their product? I have problems with MIG480. My body reacts to it. Let me know. I'm looking to place an order. Thanks
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    Did Steroids Make You Sterile???

    No but all i could have was girls. 3 of them.
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    Pharmalady December Specials

    I've requested a new list but haven't herd from anyone.
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    Pharmalady November Specials

    Email sent Email sent
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    Possible gyno symptoms

    I was young and dumb many years ago and didn't have a board like this for help. I ran 1000mgs of test a week for months on end many years. Ended up with real bad bitch tits. I had to get lipo and the glands under my nipples removed. Much better now but don't have much of a chest anymore. So keep...
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    Pharma Lady September Specials

    Great. I'll PM