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    Ostarine + Proviron stack for libido/sex drive

    Interestingly you didn't pull DHT? That - and its androgenic effects - are potentially the single most important thing about sex drive. And why androgenics like Proviron and Masteron *can* help with drive, regardless of SHBG (but not always). Maybe, the only other thing I can see is that...
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    Tren Diary Cbbram

    Yep this is when Tren kicks you off the train. If you stay on past that time period, this still kicks in while you're on, and then when you get off it's even worse than it is now. The tail end and getting off Tren is by far the worst part of it IMO.
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    Tren Diary Cbbram

    Oh yep, 0.25 PW will be perfect. You've probably read me say elsewhere, but it's damn strong stuff. That dose was probably a little overkill, but safer than sorry!
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    Body developing tolerance to Drugs

    It's all just bro science. They're abusing so much that they wouldn't even be able to tell what's happening. They don't even give the compounds enough time to build. These are the same guys claiming that things like weak ass junk such as Anavar is what makes all the difference to their cut...
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    Tren Diary Cbbram

    No no, what is your current CABER dose? 75x7 = 525mg Acetate = 3 day half-life (remember, not active-life) 525 3 262 3 131 3 65 3 32 3 16 3 8 3 4 3 2 = 24 days. Divide that by 2 = 12 days you'll still have some solid Tren kicking around in there. Roughly 2 weeks worth. So stay on your Caber...
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    Tren Diary Cbbram

    It'll take almost a month for ALL of the Tren to half-life out. But even at half the time it shouldn't be enough to cause any issues. What's your current dose? I drop the dose to 0.25mg and run it just x1 a week for 2 weeks should be plenty (I go 4 weeks on Tren E). It's strong enough even at...
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    There's some poor guy (Was it on here, even?) who needed to take 25 - 50mg ED Aromasin on a TRT dose just to keep his E2 in check. Crazy.
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    How is this possible? Acne cleared up on first cycle

    Taking care of your skin is really the best method you can use. As said it is the luck of the draw. People want to claim anything, but it just ain't true. "Oh if you had acne when you were younger you'll get it on roids." "Oh if you had no acne when you were younger you won't on roids." "Oh...
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    3 months Recovering from Post Finasteride Syndrome

    Now you're all better? Mate what are you on about? You were just saying how you were struggling and now within 1 week you are cured? And calling us the trolls?
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    This is actually being studied at the moment, and for the most part the results aren't what we in the bodybuilding community expect at all. The actual dosing is even as frequent as x2 times PER DAY, they are finding. Which is crazy. As it turns out, regardless of blood serum levels, some...
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    Why is testosterone propionate so popular?: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    LOL that's how it works bro! Being pedantic yes, but I have to be because even the slightest changes affect me hormonally.
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    deca dick problem

    EIGHT years ago. And you think Dylan the magical forum fairy will be able to cast a spell in his reply and fix all that ails you? Come on man x2.
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    Let's Talk About John Romaniello's Incredibly Irresponsible TRT FB Livecast

    What the actual F. Sounds like the exact poster child for not having a clue about anything even remotely related to anything, and is exactly what TRT shouldn't be, and why steroids overall get such a bad wrap. Where do these douches get off justifying cycle doses as cruises? No one's buying it...
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    Why is testosterone propionate so popular?: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Not so cut and dried though, you've got to remember adding in any other androgen will affect whatever androgen panel you're already running. Adding Tren for example - which I want to soonish - will cause estrogen and prolactin rise regardless on T, because even on Caber and maintaining my...
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    Why is testosterone propionate so popular?: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    I just want to make damn sure I have my current levels dialled in exactly where I want them and feel the best (and knowing the numbers) so if I ever get out of whack I know where I need to get back to :) I haven't felt this good on TRT ever! Want to be certain it's not a fluke LOL.