ULTIMA PHARMA - The new PREMIUM brand on OSGear!


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ULTIMA PHARMACEUTICALS is a brand new AAS manufacturer on our website and it has already AMAZING reviews.

Buy the ULTIMA PHARMA products and get 30% OFF using the promo code "OFF30".


We have 100% successful shipping rate to USA for ULTIMA PHARMA products!


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Anyone have anything good to say...hoping someones ordered and can vouch for them? Might wanna try myself...
I've been keeping an eye out for reviews in these guys to so far no one has said anything good or bad on these guys I googled them and the trust pilot reviews weren't looking to good but I wouldn't go off that only time will tell they haven't been here very long so reviews should come in soon if anyone has been ordering until then I think I'd stick with one of the sponsors that's already proven themselves here I've heard nothing but good things about us domestic
Ive seen yalls posts honestly i cant opt for a unknown source without someone verifying it when i have a selection of known trusted sources here with good quality stuff...someone established here vouching for yall will help tremendously til then id imagine like me rather then run the risk of losing money we are gonna order from people we know and trust its gonna make a world of a difference if and when people start posting about yall being a source that comes through...
Yea when your new here your gonna have to break even or take a small hit on prices to get people to take a shot at your gear.
Exactly... Or pick a very well established member send him some free to try and then have him post about actually getting it and the quality as well ..then watch the orders roll in.... Either way someones gotta say something before the rest of us jump on board with ya..alotta of us are always eager to try new sources but hesitant to order til we can feel confident enough to...
I’ve got some coming my way from contest they posted.
Ordering was easy. Little miscommunication on specials/discounts being combined IMO.
Think those should have been honored but I’m not gonna complain about free gear.
Probably be awhile before I pin it but I’ll post when it arrives.
Now we're talking! Keep us posted might order myself either now or next cycle been struggling just to get a order in with pharmalady for the past few weeks so if it doesn't fall thru soon ill have to order somewhere else...if u receive it definately let us know!
Hey guys! The promo is still running! 30% OFF for Ultima Pharma products bu using the code "OFF30".
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Placed 2nd order with OSGEAR. I ordered the Dragon NPP.
I was notified there would be a shipping delay to due Chinese holiday. I appreciate the proactive service.
OSgear offered to change the brand to something that would ship quicker however I opted to stay with Dragon.
I sent in some additional questions via the message box and to my surprise I reviewed a response in just a few minutes.
I also really like how their discounts and promotions actually decreases the total cost and not this store credit thing on future orders.
I still have not It pinned any of their stuff as I’m finishing up a sarms cycle. I also paid via Bitcoin which was super easy.

New promo started for ULTIMA PHARMA products. Use the promo code "OFF30" and get 30% OFF.


Thank you.
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