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i am curious. i have 2-3 albums worth of song material that needs to be mixed and mastered. all i have right now is some rough demos. some are very old, some are rather new, but it is all original tunes made by us. it is mostly a type of metal, either progressive metal, death metal, melodic metal, etc. BUT there is a lot of stuff mixed in like clean chords, jazz, etc. we don't really like to be labeled or box ourselves in, Metal is in our blood but we experiment with many different sounds. and we certainly don't like cookie cutter mainstream metal.

MY question is who all on here would be interested in buying these tunes if me and my buddy (the drummer) produced and mixed/mastered these songs to high quality? I am curious how many people on these forums would be interested in this type of music.

for anyone interested, here is a link to the demos tracks: