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Richard Brown

Richard Brown
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By Santonio

AAS Diaries Description:

The world began in sugarcane prunes and molasses. I caught a steel head, dug up a yam, and shook trees of true nuts and citric tropical soil fruit. I settled upon my cane leaves as cigars and spit out salt for pectin and potassium. I learned to create. I realized how beautiful woman is and found true pride in being a father. Congruent my techniques became sophisticated , methodical and refined. I became graceful with calves from ballet and pectoralis from huge fins. I pulled myself up and jacknifed. I rode an indoor spin schwinn fully cranked up a hill. I made gopro in a dry sauna dancing methodically with free weights and bands. I suppose I wanted woman to see me the same in awe, beauty and wonder. I wanted that cosmic spark. I became the statue of Kurt, a nephew of Arnold.

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