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    Recomp steroid cycle. Can i start sarms before pct? (regaining mass)

    Wassup guys! I wanna thank Dylan for the amazing info and all the wise guys on this forum, you've been a great source of info before I registered and just read on this forum. Don't want to name you guys cause I don't want to leave someone out but you know who you are! Anyways, I'm 5'10, 83kg...
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    Yk-11 Questions & 1-AD

    Hi There Please answer these questions if you have run a Yk-11 cycle or tracked someone who has run it I bought 40 tabs (10mg )of yk-11 from a seller somehow but i am not sure on how to run it. 1) How supressive is yk-11? Do i need a proper PCT like while taking roids? 2) How would you compare...
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