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    Female SARMS log

    In my quest to learn more about SARMs/peptides and female experiences, I came up pretty short handed. I found a couple on here and decided I would add to the lot so as to provide some information for any other women looking to explore these avenues. I'm going to be working with the recommended...
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    Female (First) SARM Cycle Biweekly Update Thread

    Hi all, I wanted to track my progress during my first SARMS cycle. Thought you’d be interested! F, 25 y/o, 5”7, approx 148lbs (won’t be tracking weight though, don’t really care lol), been working out for 6 years. November 15: Waist belly 32.5 Waist narrow 29.5 R thigh 23.5 Glutes 41 R arm...
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    Sarms advice for my wife

    My wife wants to simply lose weight; anywhere from 15-20+ lbs. She doesn't want to gain or bulk up, much less have a bodybuilding body. What do you recommend she take in order to lose weight and obtain feminine definition? She's on a daily cardio regimen. Thank you very much for all your help!