1. C

    T3-T4 for Fat-Loss/Recovery

    I've been looking to add either one or both to my existing stack since I've heard such glowing reviews from people at the gym. I'd be happy if someone else could share their experiences with the community here. Would anyone recommend it?
  2. C

    Trying out GW-501516 (Cardarine) for the first time.

    Hello All! I'm a 29 year old Latino male that has been working out roughly 18 months, while my strength and muscle mass has increased just by eating healthier and working out, my body fat has roughly stayed the same. I'd gauge that as of this writing I am 35 lbs over my target weight goal. So...
  3. J

    Weightloss SARM

    Hi all, My wife is wanting to give SARMs a try. I did some research and liked the the stack that Dylan suggests and that many have used on here with great success. However, my wife said she wants to start small and that four different SARMs was too much right off the bat. Is there a stand alone...
  4. samsonbryant

    cut quickly

    Anything i can use to help me get 10% bf im currently 13.5 % people say its easy as shit to get to and maintain, all i want is be able to see abs honestly, and last time i dieted it fucked over so bad, i lost almost a years worth muscle gain and Strength from attempting a cut, i had no idea what...
  5. J

    Sarms and Metabolic damage from dieting

    Hey everyone i am new to this forum and the site. I have been dieting for around a year and a half and have lost 32 pounds and gained some muscle. I just recently purchased a 12 week sarms cycle of SR9009, GW, and S-4. I am worried that I may have some metabolic damage from dieting so long with...
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