1. C

    Lean Mass cycle

    I’m my ifbb training buddy outlined a cycle for me for lean mass gain. It seems like a lot to me and wanted to get y’all’s input. I’m 6’3, 235, 14% bf The cycle is Test C Npp Eq Primo Turinabol Weeks 1-6 Test 500/ week Primo 600/ week EQ 400/ week NPP 150 eod Turinabol 40-80mg ed Weeks 7-12...
  2. S

    Trenbolone turinabol and test cycle for starters

    I am 46, 6.1’ 211 pounds. I am considering to start the trenbolone, turinabol and test cycle for the first time. My ldl cholesterol is generally on the higher side. Looking for recommendations on dosage, do’s and don’t’s and or experiences from someone who would have tried the first time.
  3. C

    Second cycle advice TEST, EQ AND TBOL

    Hello everyone! I am planning to start my second steroid cycle this March, figured out to come here looking for some advice. Here are some stats about me first : Age 20 Height 6ft1 (185 cm) Weight 205 Body fat % 11,5% Years of training 3 Started at 17 with 130 pounds, pure ectomorph. After two...
  4. H

    Current TRT user needing HELP STEROID CYCLE

    Hello everybody. I’m a current TRT user who is on 200 mg of Test Cypionate split into 2 injections per week. I am highly interested in using an anabolic steroid. Thanks to the wonderful information from Mr. Gemelli , I’ve been come to the conclusion that either Turinobal or Primobolan are my...
  5. Mark Diesel

    Anavar vs Turinabol for STRENGTH

    Ok guys, I tried trenbolone for the first time at 515mg test ph, 350mg tren... It was 150mg test ph 100mg tren ace combo vial. I am one of those people who convert to estrogen like a SOB and I couldn't stop it, even with letrozole. Started with EOD 12.5mg aromasin, then 25mg aromasin, then 2.5mg...
  6. B

    Real geneza pharmaceutical cycle log

    Ok folks, I ordered my first cycle from naps before I found I sarms. At the time I thought that was by best option. At any rate I've got the gear so I might as well run it and give everyone a thorough cycle log and I for one will be hoping to see some gains. My stats on the start date were 6'4"...
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