testosterone injections

  1. FinestQueers

    Finestgears -Testosterone-Based Steroids: How Do They Function?

    What is testosterone? The primary hormone in men has more than one job in the body. It not only helps men develop their sexual traits, but it also affects their overall health. For example, it can help prevent or treat osteoporosis and inflammation. Around the time a boy hits puberty, his body...
  2. m555zma

    Long Test Ester?

    What's the name of the long ester test that only requires pinning once a week? I'm tired of pinning twice a week when crusing. When bulking I'm fine with pinning eod, but I kind of see crusing as vacation. Thanks
  3. B

    Test Cypionate

    Hey.Has anyone ever seen Test Cyp sold in a huge vial. 4,000mg(volume) in one vial?200mg is the concentration
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