test cypionate

  1. J

    Pct dosage & hcg timing????

    Hi, I'm currently six weeks Into a 12 week cycle of - test cyp 200 (400mg/week) -Anavar (100mg/week) - arimidex .25 eod ( from week 6 ) What is the best pct protocol? & I have not run hcg with this cycle, so should I run hcg for the last 4 weeks and then have a 2 week break then start pct? Or...
  2. M

    Is it worth doing this cycle.

    I am 23, 6.2, 250lbs, 16 % BF. I'm looking to run my first cycle. I want to ease into gear properly. My current test lv is 820-840 whenever its tested naturally. I'm looking to do a Test Only cycle for cutting, just to preserve muscle while I cut because previously whenever I cut I screw my...