1. K

    SR9009 and post surgery

    Hello, I had surgery twice in the past couple weeks. I stopped taking SR9009 prior to my surgery (about a week or so) I would like to start taking it again, but I dont know how long I should wait to take it. I know there are a lot of restrictions on what I can take the first two weeks after...
  2. K

    Introduction, First SARMS Cycle Advise

    Hey Bros, Happy to be on the forum - Much respect. Stats: 35 y.o., 5'11", 185 lbs., 20% BF. Goals: Recomp. (with help from SARMS stack). Nutrition/Supplements: High-fat, Ketogenic, Paleo diet, low-carb, (mostly grass-fed beef, and organic greens) intermittent fasting, vitamins, minerals...
  3. F

    Anyone ever become Floxxed by cipro antibiotic? on bpc157 and tb500 trying to repair

    About 2 years ago a 2 week prescription of ciprofloxacin antibiotic shredded all my tendons widespread (shoulders, forearms, hams, calves, hands, feet..) I think that stuff makes the tissues/tendons into a cheesecloth mush liable for tearing doing anything... . It's been hell honestly. Lost all...
  4. P

    ORIF ankle surgery recovery

    Hey Dylan, this is my first post. I had 2 screws put in my legs to put my ankle back together after fracturing my fibula and completely dislocating my ankle and tearing all the ligaments in it. This all happened on July 10th. I was non weight bearing for 6 weeks and started physical therapy...
  5. TheFish

    tips for someone getting gyno surgery?

    After suffering from a slight case of puberty based gyno I've decided to take the plunge and get the surgery. I'm scheduled for next month. Anyone have any 1st hand accounts on how the recovery was? How long until you were back in the gym? How long did you have to wear a compression shirt...