SR9009 and post surgery


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I had surgery twice in the past couple weeks. I stopped taking SR9009 prior to my surgery (about a week or so)
I would like to start taking it again, but I dont know how long I should wait to take it. I know there are a lot of restrictions on what I can take the first two weeks after surgery due to blood thinning or clotting, etc.



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I see no reason you can't start it up whenever you want, but I'd wait until you can get the most out of it when you can train correctly without a lot of restriction


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you can start it anytime but you should wait until you can start training to get the most out of it however if you want to start now , you can... it still does work on your metabolism, whether training or not... obviously you get more out of it if you are training but you can still see something from it regardless...