1. F

    It’s time to shred (critique my sarms plan)

    Hi, My story: I’m 46, 5’11, 214. 2 years ago I started my journey at 262 and 34% bf. I got down to 186 and 13% bf. I started my first bulk 6 months ago using LGD and Ostarine. I’m very pleased. My bench is up 50 pounds and I’ve kept my gains through pct. So I’m ready to shred and welcome your...
  2. K

    New to sarms and need guidance please

    Hi all I'm looking at getting into sarms and wanted some info to see if I'm on the right track. Serious posters only thank you. We all started off as noobs 😊 I'm late 30's 5'11 and 198pounds or 182cms and 90kilos. I haven't trained in approx 3 years due to illness and tried to get back into...
  3. A

    16 weeks mens physique

    I am looking to compete in a mens physique contest in October. I am 6'4 213lbs at 13% bodyfat. I am looking to get on a cycle, running deca and test for first 8 weeks for size and then masteron and test to cut for the last 8 weeks. Can anyone let me know how to run the cycle.
  4. samsonbryant

    cut quickly

    Anything i can use to help me get 10% bf im currently 13.5 % people say its easy as shit to get to and maintain, all i want is be able to see abs honestly, and last time i dieted it fucked over so bad, i lost almost a years worth muscle gain and Strength from attempting a cut, i had no idea what...
  5. F

    Dieting on SARMS!?

    Hey fam! i've just started my first sarm cycle ever! currently running LGD, GW and osta. (running this for 8weeks) then im doing a mini pct then im running osta and gw for another 8 weeks. im 21 years old, 188cm and about 87-88kgs atm. i'd say my bodyfat is around 11% ish atm. my maintence is...
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