second cycle

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    Second cycle advice TEST, EQ AND TBOL

    Hello everyone! I am planning to start my second steroid cycle this March, figured out to come here looking for some advice. Here are some stats about me first : Age 20 Height 6ft1 (185 cm) Weight 205 Body fat % 11,5% Years of training 3 Started at 17 with 130 pounds, pure ectomorph. After two...
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    Second cycle

    My weight is 88kg, my high is 1.82 cm, my first cycle was a testosterone prop 200mg/week, i gained 8kg in my first cycle, i have been training for 2 years, my goal is to get much muscle as i can but safely, i run pct correctly, now im going to run a test pro + TBal (40mg per week), is it a...