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  1. Clover80

    Sarms bridge between cycles

    What’s up fellas. First off wanna say thank you for everyone’s sound advice for my last cycle this with all the set up and info this has been one of my most productive cycles in a long time. I’m over 3 weeks into pct and haven’t lost any gains and only a minimal amount of strength which is...
  2. RUCingdsgainz

    Next cycle advice should I stop current sarms cycle ??

    Feel like I want to start my next cycle of test E, S4, LGD. Test I would like to keep low at around 300 I think a week. Am currently running S4 and LGD only 4 weeks in Want to start my cycle including Test in January however since I have been on S4 and LGD for 4 week now don't want to run...
  3. T

    SARMs bridge in between cycles

    I was wondering about what the best way would be to go on about bridging with SARMs in between steroid cycles. What would be the best SARMs to do this with? 1-12 LGD-4033 @ 10 mg per day 1-12 S-4 @ 50 mg per day And then straight into another anabolic cycle for example? Thanks for the input guys!
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