s4 andarine

  1. CharlesTheChieff

    Need help with Andarine s4

    Hi, i'm planning on doing a 12 weeks s4 cycle but first I got some questions ! First of all i'm -24 years old -6 feet 1 -175-185 lbs - 12% body fat Its would be my first sarms cycle ! Never took nothing before exept protein, bcaa, etc, no roids or sarms at all. I would start with 50 mg/ day and...
  2. S

    Inspired by Dylans TBol enhancement, possible lighter Tren?

    Hey guys, just made this and deleted it, time to retype So what I'm doing here s trying to emulate Tren, for people who can't use Tren for any reason, this is gonna be a little rushed because I already went through it all once haha Ok here we go NPP 300-400mg per week, more if experienced-...
  3. K

    Triple Stack (S4, Ostarine, GW501516) PCT

    Hello :) I am just about to start my first 12 week cycle on S4, Ostarine and GW501516. I am having trouble finding good info on exactly what is needed in a PCT for this. I am going to run the sarms for 12 weeks have 3 week PCT then 4 weeks off - can someone confirm if this is a good way of...
  4. J


    Do you have to increase dosages? Like after 2 weeks I readon't to increase dosage is this necessary or can I keep it at 50 mg a day?
  5. J


    Does it have to be dosed 4-6 hours apart or can you do 1 in the am then another in the pm?
  6. I

    NEW TO SARMS (Stacking 3) LGD, S4, Osta [Questions / Log]

    So I went online and bought S4 Andarine, MK-2866, and LGD-4033. Im 6'1 and weigh around 123 & have never worked out a day in my life (until 4 days ago), (I'm a stick) this is my cycle : LGD-4033 10 MG PERDAY S4 (ANDARINE) 50 MG PER DAY MK-2866 OSTARINE) 25 MG PER DAY For PCT I bought Test 1700...