1. Blue_Shine

    MK-677: The power of the compound compels you!

    In the spirit of our academic pursuit for new insights regarding our favourite compounds, iSARMs forum gives you the second installation - featuring MK-677. Some of these effects may be known to you, but the more medical information is made clear, the more certainty we have with respect to the...
  2. Blue_Shine

    GW-501516: New studies and benefits revealed!

    Dylan had requested to have some academic focus on popular compounds, and so we'll be launching a series of articles I'll be authoring about recent work done in the medical field regarding SARMs. Beginning with new and exciting potential benefits of GW-501516. Disclaimer: If you choose to...
  3. Blue_Shine

    Study of athletic injuries finds: Bodybuilders healthiest in pro athletic community!

    A meta-analysis of 20 eligible studies published in the Journal of Sports Medicine sought out to find the link between sports injuries and the following competitive disciplines: weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, Highland Games, and CrossFit. Conclusion: Bodybuilders are the...
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