1. m555zma

    Protein absorption

    Do AAS increase how much protein you can absorb in one sitting (more than 25-35g at a time)?? Obviously we need more protein at the end of the day.. I'm not talking about daily caloric intake, I'm talking about the amount of protein absorption in one meal... Thanks
  2. m555zma

    Isopure ?

    I just bought ISOPURE. Any input?? It has 0 carbs, 0 fat, 25g protein, and the first ingredient is whey protein isolate.. Any thoughts on this brand?
  3. m555zma

    Bad protein?..

    What makes proteins like Syntha6 so bad? Is it the chemicals inside for preservation? Is thr bioavailability lower than other proteins? Why avoid Syntha6??
  4. m555zma

    Arnold protein : (

    Finishing up the last few scoops of arnold protein... I will never buy this shit again.. It's like drinking glue
  5. m555zma

    How often to eat pork

    How often are you guys eating pork? I love sausage with my eggs, but pork is not as healthy as chicken or beef or fish. Once a week? Once a month?.. Or no pork at all?..
  6. M

    Question about Carbs and Protein

    Yo, Yo got some questions about diet. My training is quality, but I'm always a bit confused about the following questions. 24 years old, 6Ft, 182lb, training 2 years. Been running Osta, S4, GW for the last 4 weeks of my cut, good results so far, lost 2.5kg already and put on some muscle at...
  7. K

    Basic diet questions

    Need a few tips for dieting....(if it makes a difference, I am running GW and Ostarine) Protein: ROUGHLY How much protein can the body absorb at one time and make use of? Carbs: I get carb cravings in the morning and night, but not in the afternoon. Can I consume all my carbs during my first...
  8. J

    Protein intake on testosterone

    Hey guys, So I had decent results (i think) on my last cycle of 12 weeks test 500mg p/week. The scale went up about 12-15 pounds, not sure how much was muscle and how much was fat though. I trained hard but only ate generally around 1 gram protein per pound of bodyweight as I have bad...
  9. J

    Protein intake on SARMS

    Whats up guys, Working out what my protein intake should be for my SARMS cutting cycle (GW+OSTA+S4). Currently weighing in at 83kg/183 pounds. Got some questions below: 1. What is the minimum amount of protein generally required to preserve muscle mass on a calorie deficit? (I struggle with...
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