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  1. B

    T3 + Nolvadex + Proviron or HCG while on PCT/ TRT

    T3 + Nolvadex + Proviron or HCG opinion while on PCT/ TRT Hi Dylan Hope you and your family is safe and sound during these testing times . Now after my last short cycle of a mix of Tren+masteron + Test ( aka code name shred max - attached ) this was end of last year 2019, I was taking it a...
  2. M

    PCT 3 days or 2 weeks after test cyp only cycle

    Hi guys, nearing end of cycle and reading some conflicting info about starting Oct 3 days or 2 weeks after last test cyp injection? This was a test cyp only cycle
  3. M

    Newbie Test Cyp cycle and post cycle advise

    Hi guys sure it's been asked before but need some advice as I've just started test cyp 10 week cycle. - Taking 200mg every Monday eve and Friday Monday (started today). - I've been advised to take T3 25 twice daily throughout cycle. Post cycle T3 25 for 2 weeks and 1 clomid everyday for 4...
  4. A

    Post cycle start date?

    When do I start my post cycle? I did about 15 week gear cycle. Ten weeks of test C and five weeks of test prop. I waited about a week before I started my post cycle of mk2866,gw-501516,clomid,nolv,ai per Dylan gemelli specs but not sure if I started to late or early.
  5. D

    First Cycle & Questions (LGD-4033 & MK-677)

    Starting this cycle, LGD at 10mg in the morning, MK at 12.5 at night before bed. A few questions, because there is so much misinformation out there. -What panels should I run before and after to see where I'm at? When would I run the last lab test, while on cycle still or after a period of...
  6. N

    SARMS advice needed (1st cycle ever)

    Good morning to everyone, Been reading a lot here on the forum and I must say, thank you so much for all the information I was able to learn. After careful research, I decided to run a SARMS cycle to help achieve the physique I want. Ideally I'm looking to have a more cut look, but my...
  7. CharlesTheChieff

    Need help with Andarine s4

    Hi, i'm planning on doing a 12 weeks s4 cycle but first I got some questions ! First of all i'm -24 years old -6 feet 1 -175-185 lbs - 12% body fat Its would be my first sarms cycle ! Never took nothing before exept protein, bcaa, etc, no roids or sarms at all. I would start with 50 mg/ day and...
  8. W

    First Post: My Stats and Cycle Plan. Please Evaluate and Advise. Thank You.

    Age: 26 Height: 5’ 7” Weight: 150 lb Body fat: 8-10% Years of training:10 Years Cycle history: None Goals: 1.) to obtain perfect 6 or 8 pack abs 2.) to weight in at 170-180 lb lean 3.) to develop large well defined pecs Supplements: fiber, coq10, bcaas, noopept, focus factor, reishi...
  9. M


    My question is how long after pct should i do blood work?
  10. M

    Pct help vision problem and restlessness at night

    i just started taking clomid and nolva after my 13 weeks testc cycle that was 500mg per week and last 4 weeks i used winstrol 30mg pct dosage of clomid is 100mg now for 4 days and nolva 20mg....should I lower the dosage or?
  11. M

    PCT problem

    Hello everyone,I was wondering when is the best time to take clomid and nolvadex? I take them before sleep and last few days my sleep is really bad,i wake up every 2 hours
  12. L

    Need clarification please

    Hi all, just received Your PCT today. Need to know, should I begin the cycle tonight or should I wait some time, last tren/test shot on Wednesday night. Thanks to all those who have really helped. So happy I found this site.
  13. P

    SERMs Please

    I'm I was going to do my first cycle ever this summer. I have got some testosterone enanthate and winstrol but I can't find any SERMs. I am 38 and in better than average shape just looking to drop some fat and gain some strength. I'm going to work out extra hard and really watch the diet...
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