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post ct

  1. RUCingdsgainz

    Post CT for females?

    So I have know a few females to use D-aspartic acid to raise ther natural Test levels and get good results as far as toning up and losing fat. What about Post CT think it would work or is even recommended? Just curious to people think?
  2. J

    Type 2 diabetic product

    This question is pretty much for Dylan lol My dad is a type 2 diabetic. he's gotten blood work done and his test levels are pretty low. hes 49 yrs old and his test level was at 360. of course the Dr. told him it was perfect. but even he knows that its pretty low. He's not on board with taking...
  3. M

    Post CT & TRT

    I saw your video on the new DGA Post CT. I was wondering if you can use this on cycle/trt(rather than HCG), and what the dosage & frequency would be. Much appreciated