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    First Cycle... Last minute advice please.

    Weeks: SARM/Supp: Dose: 1-8 LGD-4033 10mg ED(AM) 1-8 GW 501516 20mg ED(AM) 1-8 Exemestane (Aromasin) 12.5mg EOD(AM) 1-8 Blue OX 3 Capsules (PM) PCT: 9-12 Clomid Week 9=50mg(AM) Weeks 10-12=25mg(AM) 9-12 Blue OX 4 Capsules (PM) 1. Are there any glaring mistakes in my cycle that you would...
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    Pct help vision problem and restlessness at night

    i just started taking clomid and nolva after my 13 weeks testc cycle that was 500mg per week and last 4 weeks i used winstrol 30mg pct dosage of clomid is 100mg now for 4 days and nolva 20mg....should I lower the dosage or?
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    Sarms cycle pct help please.

    Hello Forum! Hoping to get some help on SARMS cycle specific PCT. Any info I found on here was either confusing, outdated, or not SARMS specific. Would love any quick advice or expertise please. 35 year old 215lb. adult male with intermediate anabolic cycle experience now on my 2nd SARMS-only...
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    PCT Stack: 4 Weeks

    PCT Stack: 4 Weeks Dosage? I am purchasing the PCT Stack: 4 Weeks Can someone direct me how to dose this properly? I am very new to this. Side Question - I did a 4-week S4 cycle about a year ago, and did not do...
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