pct post cycle therapy

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    Using Mk-2866 WITH my clomid and nolva for my Anavar/Tbol cycle

    Hey guys. Im looking for some clarification on how to use my mk-2866 with my clomid and nolva after my Anavar/tbol cycle. i understand clomid 50/50/25/25 and nolva 40/20/20/20. but do i start my 25mg dosing of Ostarine as soon as i start my clomid? and do the 4 weeks of Ostarine while i take my...
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    Pct dosage & hcg timing????

    Hi, I'm currently six weeks Into a 12 week cycle of - test cyp 200 (400mg/week) -Anavar (100mg/week) - arimidex .25 eod ( from week 6 ) What is the best pct protocol? & I have not run hcg with this cycle, so should I run hcg for the last 4 weeks and then have a 2 week break then start pct? Or...
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    PCT course in the uk

    Hi there everyone. I am messaging again on behalf of my boss. He has been doing an 20 week course of Test Prop at 1000mg per week, 2 doses of 500mg every third day. This last week he has introduce. Week 16 he introduced HCG in two weekly doses of 500ius a go. Now in terms of running a PCT...