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  1. I

    Pain post injection

    i administered my first injection of 1ml sustanon 300, using a 3ml 23g x 1 (0.6mm x 25mm) syringe in my thigh, about 3 inches above my knee. the following morning, i woke up with a pain in my thigh. 2 days have gone by, and the pain persists. there doesnt appear to be any marks at the site of...
  2. Blue_Shine

    Steady state cardio benefits your BRAIN – an academic POV

    In this post I had chosen to elaborate on Dylan's video on “The Benefits of Steady State Cardio” ( with an academic spin. I opted to focus on new and current studies that emerged in the past year that have shown multitudinous benefits to aerobic...
  3. 1

    Crippling pain after glute injection.

    So this is my 4th cycle and I always pin in my glute with 500mg in a 1 inch 25G needle. I always rotate sides every week and the pain is minimal. The first vial of test e was great. I just moved onto my second vial of test e from Teragon and the pain has been crippling and my lower back/upper...
  4. O

    Tendon Pain

    Hello all I may have tendonosis or tendonitis on the tendon that attaches from the lateral head of the tricep to the elbow. Anyone healed from this that can offer some insight?